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illustrasjon portalQuickInfo PortalX uses the same user friendly interface as our other products, as well as having a range of additional advanced features.

Updates can easily be done with Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010). It's also possible to utilise a range of other file formats in the playlists. These files can be uploaded through the browser and pushed to the screens with “Drag & Drop”.

The user interface is very easy to use, which gets you up and running quickly, but also holds more advanced features such as dynamic content updating and integration with other systems.




QuickInfo Producer

Dynamic information

ill producerClients often wish to display dynamic information from the web or the company's intranet, such as production numbers. QuickInfo Producer gives the client the option of adding this type of information into PowerPoint.
QuickInfo Producer updates the content, at intervals set by the client, from one or more XML sources. When the information changes QuickInfo Producer updates the PowerPoint presentations.



ill quickinfoQuickInfo is a PowerPoint plug-in for our screen-based communication system which is installed on the clients LAN. For clients who's needs are covered by PowerPoint, this is an exceptionally easy to use system which 'anyone' can use – with no training needed.

The advanced functionality behind the easy to use interface has made this software our best seller, and today it's in use at a wide range of businesses from SME's to large corporations, as well as government departments and schools.


QuickInfo screensaver

5kin2o10All businesses daily face the challenge of how to communicate with their employees. The are multiple options such as e-mail, intranet and newsletters, the problem is; the information isn't read.

By using the screensaver on all employees computers to distribute the information, it's easy and guaranteed to get read. Every time the screensaver gets activated the information scrolls across the screen.


Realtor/Car Dealer Portal

bilportalThe Realtor/Car Dealer Portal is a system for realtors and car dealers to display individual listings. The realtor or car dealer gets a fully automated solution where all information is uploaded to a server and from there sent to their QuickInfo Player.

There is also the possibility of adding your own content, such as movies or images, in between the listings.


Digital Calendar

ill kalenderDigital Calendar is an exciting product where the user gets their own calendar on their computer desktop. The user can add alarms, alarm sounds, notes, task and so on.

The online functionality enables “pushing” of information to the users. This information can be sourced from the intranet, internet or databases to mention a few options.