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ill quickinfoQuickInfo is a PowerPoint plug-in for our screen-based communication system which is installed on the clients LAN. For clients who's needs are covered by PowerPoint, this is an exceptionally easy to use system which 'anyone' can use – with no training needed.

The advanced functionality behind the easy to use interface has made this software our best seller, and today it's in use at a wide range of businesses from SME's to large corporations, as well as government departments and schools.



Combine QuickInfo with QuickInfo Producer and you can create automated slides by sourcing a continuously updated XML feed for one or several PowerPoint files.


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One or numerous 'editors' can service the system. For updating the content the 'editor' can simply use Microsoft PowerPoint and the content can be updated from the 'editors' own computer. Once the content is saved it will be updated on the screens.

In addition to the standard presentation it's possible to add a ticker. Content for the ticker can be sourced from 3 different types of feeds:
- The 'editor' can compose the content
- Text file containing the content
- Link to online content from an RSS-feed, like an online newspaper


Time management of content
Multiple PowerPoint presentations can be combined by using the time management function. The content can be scheduled in two ways:
- By setting a set start and end time
- By setting intervals, e.g. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm

PowerPoint Viewer 2007 support
Clients only need PowerPoint Viewer 2007 – a free software from Microsoft.



"As one of the country's largest media companies NRK must be efficient with its internal communication. We chose QuickInfo because it's easy to use, stable and came at a reasonable price."
Eva Berg, NRK


"We're very pleased with QuickInfo after just a few weeks use. The system is user friendly, and none of our staff has had any difficulties using it. It saves us loads of time since we now don't have to post notices around the school manually. At the same time we're able to provide better and more up to date information to our visitors, students and staff!"
Oddvar Sjølset
Assistant principal, Heimdal high school/college

"Communication has never been as good as since we got our system installed by Webpro.
Everyone loves it and wants more screens mounted around the school."

Tor-Olav Grønning
Department manager, Strinda high school/college