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Digital Calendar

ill kalenderDigital Calendar is an exciting product where the user gets their own calendar on their computer desktop. The user can add alarms, alarm sounds, notes, task and so on.

The online functionality enables “pushing” of information to the users. This information can be sourced from the intranet, internet or databases to mention a few options.






The calendar is supplied with background images. The images is also installed as the users screensaver.

Calendar functionality:

kvadrat Online (dynamically) updated content
From a central server the information is distributed to the users. This enables the distribution of dynamic content such as updates from an event. Such updates get marked with a different colour and/or icon and can be linked to a website.
News sections are updated every 30 minutes. Content can be sourced from the web.

kvadrat Notes, alarms and tasks
The user can add their own alarms, notes and tasks which is then linked to their user. The calendar is user specific so only content linked to the logged in user is shown.

kvadrat Integration with MS Outlook
The calendar syncs with Microsoft Outlook so events from Outlook is shown in the calendar and vice versa.

kvadrat Desktop backgrounds and screensaver
The calendar is supplied with stunning images which is updated every day. These images are also installed as a screensaver. The distributer can upload new images and set a date for when these should be installed to the users.

Below is an example of how a calendar works, here shown with a Liverpool FCSCSB background:

ill lfckal 

By logging on to the content portal, the administrator can upload new desktop background images and clickable icons or update and add events.

eks kal lfc01         eks kal lfc02  eks kal lfc03