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illustrasjon portalQuickInfo PortalX uses the same user friendly interface as our other products, as well as having a range of additional advanced features.

Updates can easily be done with Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010). It's also possible to utilise a range of other file formats in the playlists. These files can be uploaded through the browser and pushed to the screens with “Drag & Drop”.

The user interface is very easy to use, which gets you up and running quickly, but also holds more advanced features such as dynamic content updating and integration with other systems.



Publish by “Drag & Drop”
Content from the portal is easily published to specific screens, regions or locations by dragging files from the media archive and dropping them on the screen where they should be displayed.
01 dragdrop
Support for a wide range of file types
Most file types are supported
- Images (jpg, gif, png)
- Movies (mov, mp4, mpg, avi, wmv)
- Flash
- Streaming of content from the internet
- MS PowerPoint
- Webpages
02 formater
Create users
From within the portal it's easy to add new users and set permissions, locations and specific screens the users can publish to.
04 brukere
Organise content in folders
Create folders to organise and easily manage the files you've uploaded.
05 mapper

Time management for the content
Use the built-in time management to schedule parts of or entire playlists. The easy way to manage what is shown at what time.
06 tidsstyring
It's easy to show a ticker together with your playlist. Simply choose the source for the content and whether you wish your logo to be included and you're ready to go. The source for ticker can be an RSS feed from the internet, written by the 'editor' or a text file you've uploaded to the portal.
07 rulletekst

Split screens into multiple zones
It's possible to split content over multiple zones. This can be done on a single screen or by joining multiple screens into one larger screen. The administration of the zones is done within the portal.
08 flerskjerm
Publish directly from PowerPoint
We have developed a PowerPoint plug-in which enables you to publish or update existing content directly from MS PowerPoint.
10 ppt
Combine content from multiple users
When multiple users publish to the same screen, the portal combines the content from all users into a loop. The playlist for one screen can easily be checked by clicking the screen in the list of screens in the portal.
11 playlist

Player overview
Administrator(s) can get an overview of which players are online or offline. The interface also provides log, uptime, memory usage and so on.
09 playere
Firealarm integration
It's possible to integrate QuickInfo PortalX with the existing fire alarm system in your building. In the event of the fire alarm sounding, a preset message will be displayed on all screens. The preset message will remain on the screens until the fire alarm is deactivated.
12 brannalarm
Easy configuration
Each player can be individually configured. One example of a setting which can be useful to adjust is how often each player should update it's content. Setting it to regular intervals or a set time each day would be convenient for places where there's limited internet access such as on an oil platform, ships or similar.
12 innstillinger