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QuickInfo screensaver

5kin2o10All businesses daily face the challenge of how to communicate with their employees. The are multiple options such as e-mail, intranet and newsletters, the problem is; the information isn't read.

By using the screensaver on all employees computers to distribute the information, it's easy and guaranteed to get read. Every time the screensaver gets activated the information scrolls across the screen.


QuickInfo screensaver was created to allow you the easiest possible way to communicate with your employees.

QuickInfo screensaver is easy to use with advanced functionality working for you in the background.

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One or numerous 'editors' can service the system. For updating the content the 'editor' can simply use Microsoft PowerPoint and the content can be updated from the 'editors' own computer. Once the content is saved it will be updated on the screens.

In addition to the standard presentation it's possible to add a ticker. Content for the ticker can be sourced from 3 different types of feeds:
- The 'editor' can compose the content
- Text file containing the content
- Link to online content from an RSS-feed, like an online newspaper

Time management of content
Multiple PowerPoint presentations can be combined by using the time management function. The content can be scheduled in two ways:
- By setting a set start and end time
- By setting intervals, e.g. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm