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PortalX is the ideal solution for councils!
Cost efficient, flexible and very easy to use, enabling the 'editor' to quickly publish the right content to the right screen. Councils that currently use the system:

  • Trondheim council
  • Malvik council
  • Melhus council
  • Gauldal council

The system is also in use at nursing homes, schools, medical centres and council buildings.

User accounts are set up with different access levels. Super users can publish to any location, while local users can only publish to their location. Content from all users is merged and published in one continuous loop. Examples of locally added content is local weather and news.

Examples of use:

  • The council's central school administration can publish information to screens dedicated to students in particular year levels
  • Medical centres can publish information regarding vaccination, delays, opening hours and so on.
  • Schools can publish information regarding activities, visitors, photos from events and so on.
  • Kindergartens can publish information regarding week plans, photos and videos of the kindergarten activities. This is just as exciting for the children too.
  • The councillor's office can publish information to visitors and employees.
  • The council's commercial office can publish information regarding council plans, running a business and so on.
  • Quickly publish information during emergency drills.

In short: All users communication needs are covered by this system.

In addition to quick distribution of information, one of the obvious pros is the ease of use. If you know how to use PowerPoint you can update all published information! 


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Den visuelle oversikten man ser
fra portalen.




From the portal you see all available screens. Screens are marked with a blue colour.

Users can add new locations or screens in the portal.

In cases where the system is to be implemented on a large scale we offer very competitive rates for councils.