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Statoil Hydro

QuickInfo is today in use at over 20 of our locations, with a total of over 100 screens. QuickInfo is used to wide range of purposes, such as information to visitors and internal information to our departments. It's a great communication tool, and very easy to use for our users.

One example of where QuickInfo is extensively used is our processing plant at Kårstø. There it's used for, among other things, health and safety information to our employees, information to the people living on site, internal communication and 'IT information'.

Although we have a great number of installations, we rarely experience any issues – QuickInfo is a very stable system and demands very little maintenance.

Roar Hansen
Consultant, Corporate Services Information Technology
Statoil Hydro


Statoil Hydro is using QuickInfo at 20 of it's locations and holds a corporate licence for the software. New licenses can be ordered as needed when the need arises at new locations.

The installation consists of both indoor and outdoor screens.
Health and safety information is an vital part of the information shown, as well as wide range of content at each location.

Photos from the installation at Statoil Kårstø:

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