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Waiting Room Information to the Health Sector




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ill dm egeninfo
The local health clinics can easily upload their own content.

ill dm nyheter
News, health related news and sports news from NTB.

ill dm varsel
Weather from yr.no 

ill dm natur
Stunning nature photograpy

ill dm bjornefilmNature movies

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Doctors Media AS hired us to implement a solution for the health sector in Norway using WebportalX.

The solution includes Sony screens, Fujitsu PCs and software was all delivered by Webpro.

As an administrator you have full control over what is published to what screen by logging in to the portal .

Some of the content is published by the local medical centres themselves. The content varies, but common information published by the local medical centres is opening hours, procedures and vaccinations.

Content is maintained by using a plug-in for PowerPoint or OpenOffice (a free alternative to MS Office), and published by the press of one button. Each user is identified by a username and password which ensures the correct information is displayed on the right screen.

News is sourced from NTB and comes in three sections; national/international news, health related news and sport news.

Weather is sourced from NTB and the weather forecast for the closest town is displayed at the local medical centre.

Both news and weather is automatically updated.

Between the information slides, stunning nature photography or videos from around Norway is displayed. Both imagery and videos are regularly updated.