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e heimdal01

eks skolerheimdal
Heimdal high school/college

e leksvik03

eks skolerleksvik
Leksvik high school/college

e olevig01

eks skolerolevig
Ole Vig high school/college

e strinda01

eks skolerstrinda
Strinda high school/college

Multiple schools use QuickInfo to communicate with students, staff and visitors.

Schools purchase QuickInfo at a reduced price. Contact us or one of our retailers for more information.

A selection of schools which today uses QuickInfo:

  • Ole Vig high school/college.
  • Steinkjer high school/college.
  • Leksvig high school/college.
  • Strinda high school/college.
  • Heimdal high school/college.
  • Ålesund university college.
  • Levanger high school/college.
  • Egge high school/college.
  • Rå high school/college.
  • Bjørkelangen high school/college.
  • Trondheim katedralskole.
  • Sverresborg secondary school.

Quotes from some of the schools using our system:

kvadrat "We're very pleased with QuickInfo after just a few weeks use. The system is user friendly, and none of our staff has had any difficulties using it. It saves us loads of time since we now don't have to post notices around the school manually. At the same time we're able to provide better and more up to date information to our visitors, students and staff!"
Oddvar Sjølset
Assistant principal
Heimdal high school/college.

kvadrat "Communication has never been as good as since we got our system installed by Webpro. Everyone loves it and wants more screens mounted around the school."
Tor-Olav Grønning
Department manager
Strinda high school/college.

kvadrat "The system is used daily.
The ticker showing news catches peoples attention. The investment has helped make the communication at our school more 'professional'. We publish information regarding what's happening at the school, help visitors find their way, images from events and school trips, when the student association assemble and so on.
Tove Tangstad
Department manager operation/finance
Egge high school/college.

kvadrat "A clear improvement in reaching everyone with information fast. Particularly in unforeseen circumstances the system is very handy. It´s easy to use, and only your imagination and time limits your possibilities. Very flexible system. It's improved the “look” of the school and we receive recognition when we have visitors."
Tore Larsson
Ole Vig high school/college.