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Mc Donalds Russia

In Russia Mc Donalds wanted to find the best solution for digital signage in their restaurants. We were, together with other digital signage providers, invited to participate in a pilot test. Our solution was installed in 5 restaurants during the test period.

Our solution uses a HTML5 interface on the screens. The player is connected to the cash system which makes it very easy to change prices, menus etc on a national as well as a local level within just seconds.

After an evaluation of the test period McD decided that they wanted to use Webpro AS as their solution in the rest of their restaurants. We were very happy for this decision and is proud to offer a soltion which they feel is the best for them to use in their restaurants.

The system is now installed in ca 700 restaurants in Russia as well as in Kazakhstan and Georgia.

City Lade

City Lade got two 51 sqm outdoor LED screens installed by us in December 2013.

City Lade - Outdoor LED screens on 51 sqm each
Outdoor LED screens on 51 sqm each

City Lade - Close up of one of the outdoor LED screens
Close up of one of the outdoor LED screens

Trondheim Port Authority

Installation of an outdoor double sided enclosure (IP64 – 55") at Trondheim Harbour. The screens are displaying information regarding events in town, map and current news.

Trondheim Harbour
Outdoor double sided enclosure

Trondheim Harbour
Outdoor double sided enclosure

Trondheim Harbour
Outdoor double sided enclosure

Trondheim Energi

Trondheim Energi has installed Sony screens at it's headquarters at Sluppen in Trondheim, as well as many of its regional offices, all using QuickInfo for screen communication.ill trondheimenergi2

Trondheim Energi chose us as their supplier based on our easy to use software which still offers flexible functionality.


NRK has implemented QuickInfo for displaying news and event information to their employees and visitors. 13 strategically positioned LCD screens (in the canteen, reception and meeting places) with presentations maintained by the people responsible for internal communication. Both static images as well as movies are used for the content, and in the future Flash will also be used. 

A ticker with the latest news sourced from NRK's intranet is rolling on all screens.
nrk01 nrk02 nrk03
"As one of the country's largest media companies NRK must be efficient with its internal communication. We chose QuickInfo because it's easy to use, stable and came at a reasonable price."
- Eva Berg, NRK